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Hi all.

I’m Irvie and along with my husband and four of my grown kids, I currently live in North Pole, Alaska.

I homeschooled my 10 children.  I know, 10!  We were a very busy household.

I didn’t start out homeschooling.  My first three kids went to public school for a few years, but after losing my husband, I Homeschool Momremarried a man with four kids of his own.  My youngest step daughter was entering kindergarten and it was suggested that she go into the Special Ed classroom because she didn’t know her letters or numbers.  My oldest step daughter had ADD and the school wanted to put her into Special Ed as well.

I disagreed, and after a meeting with my family, we decided to homeschool.  It was one of the best decisions of my life, both for me and the kids.  Over the next three years, three more kids were born.  With 10 kids, a tight schedule was important.  Having a curriculum that was organized and that I could manipulate to fit my needs was very important.  When my youngest was born, my oldest was 17, so I needed to be able to accommodate several age groups.  And I didn’t want to have different books for each grade level.

All of the methods I used and that I felt were effective could be used for most grade levels.

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I started homeschooling with a BA in education and several years of teaching, so I had a fairly good idea of what I felt was important.  But I still felt a bit overwhelmed.  Fear not!  This too you shall overcome!

The reason I created this page was to help incorporate writing into the world of homeschooling.  With all the potential curriculums, ideas, suggestions, possibilities … yikes!  I quickly realized that there were so many choices that it was difficult to choose the best.

Since that beginning over 20 years ago, I have helped many families that struggled to choose the path they wanted for their kiddos.

I am thrilled to say that today my oldest son is the owner of a construction company, three of my children have college degrees and three are currently attending college.  All are happy, well-adjusted adults with families of their own and I have 12 fantastic grandbabies.  One of my grandkids is in the front row on her dad’s lap.

I hope that I can help make your homeschooling journey a little easier.  If you ever need any feedback or support regarding any aspect of homeschooling, please feel free to shoot me a comment below.  I would be more than happy to connect.  Also, make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always adding ideas I may have come across that I think will be helpful or interesting.

Enjoy time spent with your homeschooled children, and thanks for stopping by.




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