I find history one of the easiest subjects to add writing.  The following is only a tiny list of fun possibilities.


History Lesson5

  • journals of historical fictional charactersHistory Lesson 4
  • brochures of a historical event
  • a short paragraph on a strange event about the time in history you are studying
  • a day in the life of a historical character
  • the most amazing thing about . . .

I like to use presentation boards and add pockets to them for each piece of writing.  It’s always fun to incorporate art into the board and makes it look better.  I have found that my kids are proud of the work they put into these history projects, so when it comes time for the oral presentation, they are happy to show off their work.History Lesson

A written report is not necessary at this point, because they should have done plenty of writing during the weeks it took to put the board together.  However, one of my girls just didn’t feel right not doing a report so she always included a written summary of all that she learned.  And they will want to make note cards if they aren’t writing a report, so their presentation goes smoothly.

My goal is to create a fun learning environment for my kids so they are encouraged to become lifelong learners.  I hope I have provided a few good ideas to that end.



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