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Science is a natural for incorporating writing.  One of my favorite lessons includes making trifold brochures.  Let’s use the trebuchet for this example.  On the front fold could be a photo with the question, “Who was the inventor of the trebuchet?”  There could be a paragraph about the earliest known plans for one, which by the way, was in China before the 4th century BC.

On the inside left flap might be a diagram of a trebuchet and trebuchet physics.

Spokes_America_Homemade_Trebuchet_2 (2)

A good place for comparison to a catapult would be on the adjoining page, and why the trebuchet is preferred over the catapult.

The effect of arm and sling length would fit nicely on the next page, and the last flap could be a list of materials and measurements needed to make a small one.

Pictures could be included on each flap, but they should not take over.  There needs to be more writing than pictures.


I save the back for a list of resources.

paper trebuchet


To cut down on web-surfing, I suggest making a trip to the library with the kids at the beginning of each unit.  This gets them invested right away.  They are choosing their own materials to do their research.

One of the perks of homeschooling is the hands-on aspect.  For the culmination of this unit, let your kids built one of their own.  Here is a video of how to build a paper trebuchet.  There are also wonderful tutorials on on building bigger ones out of wood, but again, it’s quite a project.

This is a trifold brochure created in Publisher.  Remember to leave space for your kids to put something about themselves!


trifold 2 (2)

trifold 1 (2)


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