What’s happening in the world around us? 


A wonderful way to help your children become aware of what is happening in the world around them is to have them do a quick exercise involving something happening in the world today. Often that can lead to a longer activity or even a unit.

My goal with IN THE NEWS is to provide interesting topics weekly that you and your kids may want to explore.  So each week I will add another topic that I found in the news.  If I think of any ideas that can make your exploration even more interesting, I will add those as well.

This is the way I did IN THE NEWS with my kids.

Our IN THE NEWS activity!

Each Monday, we would begin the day with something in the news that I found interesting.  If one of the kids had read or heard about something they were curious about, we would use their topic instead of the one I found.

Step one: We had a group discussion about what was found.

Step two: Individually, the kids did a  brief perusal of the internet to explore the story.  (For the younger ones, I worked with them, but we all looked on the internet for a bit)

Step three: We came back together for another discussion about what we each found out during our internet search.

Step four: Each child wrote a few sentences about what was interesting about the story.  The younger ones would dictate and Mom or Dad would write it down.

Conclusion: The kids decide if it’s something they want to explore more.  If they decide to do more exploration on the topic they found, it then becomes a science or history or literature (Whatever subject you choose) lesson and is done at another time.  

This entire process should take no more than 15 minutes.  If the kids enjoy this activity, you may want to do it each day or every other day rather than once a week.

An example of this activity was when we had a lunar eclipse.  

  • We had our discussion about what I read in the newspaper.  
  • Then we went to the internet to do some research.  They can research anything about lunar eclipses – their causes, frequency, effects on the earth – anything about the lunar eclipse.
  • We came back together and discussed what we had found.
  • Everyone wrote a few sentences about what we found on the internet. 

That night, I woke the kids up so we could watch the lunar eclipse through our telescope.  Krystal was so interested that it kicked off an entire presentation on the causes of a lunar eclipse.

Another time our IN THE NEWS activity turned into a bigger study was when we checked out an article about some newly located information on the making of the Terracotta soldiers in China’s Terracotta Army.  That unit included quite a bit of research, along with art work, some science and lots of writing.  It spurned a fun learning opportunity!

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So comment below, and I hope you have found some useful ideas.

Happy teaching!

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