13-Million-Year-Old Ape Skull


With my kids, this topic would have started a nice debate.  The idea of dating bones, descending from apes, so many possibilities and fun research ideas!

One of the things I loved about homeschooling was being able to grab those teachable moments!

No matter what your religious beliefs, this can be the beginning of a lively discussion, and that leads to exploring which inevitably leads to learning.

These are the steps I would use on a Monday morning.

Step one: We watch the video.

Step two: We discuss the video. Does it look real? Do you think it could be fake? What do you feel about the Close Relationship to Humans statement?  Do you think it would be exciting to make this kind of discovery? Why or why not?

Step three: A few minutes of online research on a topic based on what the discussion was about.  They can each choose their own topic, but it should be something that we discussed.

Step four: Discuss what the research revealed.

Step five: write a few sentences about what you found most interesting about this discussion and                               research.

Conclusion: Discuss whether or not anyone found the topic interesting enough to explore further. If so, decide what the final project will be surrounding the topic of 13-million-year-old ape skulls and some of the activities that might be included.  If not, you are done with this topic and will find something else for next Monday later.  Let the Homeschool day continue!

If you found any of this information interesting or useful, please let me know in the comments below.  Remember to add any suggestions or ideas you have also, and thanks for reading!

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