China’s Terracotta Army

Ancient Greeks may have helped design China’s Terracotta Army, experts say.

That is the heading posted by Fox news.  There is a short video added that explains a bit about the new findings, and I thought it would be a terrific beginning for a research paper.  Click here for a link to the article.

china-1269582_640Ancient history is a love of mine, though I hated history in school.  I remember sitting at my desk, running my tired eyes along pages and pages of facts.  Memorizing facts and figures is not my forte’ but that is often how history is taught.

These are the steps I would use on Monday mornings.

Step one: We watch the video/read the article.

Step two: We discuss the video/article. Does it look/sound real? Do you think it could be fake?  Do you think it would be exciting to make this kind of discovery? Why or why not?

Step three: A few minutes of online research on a topic based on what the discussion was about.  They can each choose their own aspects of the topic, but it should be something that we discussed.

Step four: Discuss what the research revealed.

Step five: write a few sentences about what you found most interesting about this discussion and                               research.

Conclusion: Discuss whether or not anyone found the topic interesting enough to explore further. If so, decide what the final project will be surrounding the topic of China’s Terracotta Army and some of the activities that might be included.  If not, you are done with this topic and will find something else for next Monday later.  Let the Homeschool day continue!

When my kids studied this time frame, I incorporated art, reading, always writing, and whatever fun activities I could find.  We made models of the Terracotta Army.  You could do this with many mediums.  We used clay for a few and paper dolls for the rest.  This is a drawing that was completed along with the unit.


You are only limited by your imagination!


So your IN THE NEWS Monday activity might look something like this:

  1. Read the article to the kids.  Discuss what they found interesting or their thoughts on the topic.
  2. Individually, go to the internet and explore/ research briefly.  If you don’t have little ones that need help, I like to model this process so I am researching along with the kids.  Maybe jotting down notes or links to where I found something particularly interesting.
  3. Come back together and discuss what everyone found.
  4. Everyone writes their own few sentences on what they found most intriguing about the topic.
  5. Discuss whether or not they want to make this into a longer study.

My kids enjoyed the idea of such a large discovery just beneath the surface of the earth, so this turned into quite a unit for us.  There are so many ideas, and I have added a few links to places I thought provided some good, enjoyable activities.

   Marco Polo Unit Study Terra Cotta WarriorsSecrets of the Dead: China's Terracotta Warrior


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Keep homeschooling, and smile!  You are the reason your kids are so awesome!


If you have any suggests on projects that would enhance the study of a unit on the Terracotta Army, please leave them in the comments below.


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