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cartoon kidsMy goal is to make your life easier by gathering materials in one spot so you don’t have to search the internet to find what you need.  It’s all here for you!

I have organized your homeschool writing resources according to curriculum subject, and a brief description is attached.  This is not a review page, though I have only added resources I feel are of top quality.


writing in math  Writing in Math Class has several of the same journaling ideas I presented on my Math Journals page.  One of the aspects I appreciate is that a wide range of ages/abilities can use these ideas, though it’s geared more toward elementary and middle school-aged kids.

This book offers ways of figuring out whether or not your child is understanding math’s often abstract concepts.  One of the things I particularly like about this book is that it shows many samples that kids have written.  If you are, as I was, a bit hesitant about math, these samples are priceless because it lets you know what to expect.

The book is separated into three sections, followed by testimonials from kids.

In section 1, the book discusses the benefits of writing in math, for both you and your kiddos.

Section 2 provides you with specific math writing assignments.  Again, super helpful for folks like me who are mathematically challenged.

Section 3 offers many tips and suggestions to improve your kids writing in math.  And one of my favorite aspects of this section is the positive way the author discusses giving feedback.  Keeping your comments positive and yet meaningful, is the one thing that I feel will help your kids the most.



This is a link to ideas for writing in math.  It’s written for public school students but I found the information very well stated.  Many of the ideas I presented are addressed in greater depth in this article.  Some terrific ideas here, and I suggest you read through them and choose the ones that work for your family.


NumberFix_LogoFor more ideas on writing in math, I found this site to be very helpful.  There are so many ideas and options that I couldn’t choose just one, so this link will take you to a page full of several ideas.  And most awesome of all, it’s free!


Village Math

Though simple, this book is a wonderful example of ways you can teach Village Mathmath outside the box as a homeschooler.  It shows real life, hands-on math and how we use math every day, from something as simple as how many cords of wood will fit into an elder’s woodshed to the cost of a beaver hide.  Really terrific examples of the daily uses of math!


I found math manipulatives helpful for my kids, but they can be expensive.  These are some of the best, and least expensive, I could find. Discount School Supply has many supplies that I found helpful.  Use the code below to save an extra 20% off your school supplies!Save 20% Off on select favorites during our Fabulous Fall Sale!I used them to help my kids understand concepts.  Math was my weak area so I used all the aids I could find to help math become more visual because I have always been a visual learner.  And math manipulatives are fun to use!



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