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I have located a program that makes homeschooling much less stressful, both for the parents who are trying to find a product that will produce results as well as be enjoyable, and for the kids who are feeling frustrated at the volume of busy work required.  When I was homeschooling my 10 children, I used presentations, boards, and lapbooks.  However, notebooking can be either incorporated into these methods or replace them altogether.

First of all, what is NoteBooking? Check out this website and it will explain everything!    Notebooking Pages Free Membership

While I was homeschooling my kids, we did something very similar to what Debra Reed has put together, but I didn’t have the templates.  At, everything is laid out for you.  All you have to do is select your topic or theme and provide books or experiences for your kiddos.


  • I am all for taking every opportunity for my kids to enjoy learning. Using notebooking, they are able to write about what they have learned on each topic.  This is a positive way to learn because your student is able to focus on what he or she feels is important.
  • Rather than becoming frustrated because they don’t know the information on a test produced by someone with no knowledge of your family, your child can proudly display what they have learned.
  • Everything is gathered in one place for you. No more spending hours looking for just the right lesson for your chosen topic.
  • Busy work is a thing of the past.


  • Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of old ways of teaching.
  • This method of teaching is strongly based on reading and writing.  For me, this was a Pro!
  • It could be easy to fall into a pattern of having your kids read about a topic, then write about it without discussion or hands-on practice/experience.  It is still very important to go on those field trips, have those discussions with elders, do those experiments,engage all of their senses.


Notebooking can be a terrific solution, especially with hesitant writers!

Because this isn’t grade based, your child can move at his/her own pace. One of my sons hated everything about writing, but when we did this type of lesson he was able to write about what he had learned and what had interested him.  It was pretty exciting to see him actually get through a writing lesson without the struggles and frustration that the typical, “Read the chapter, then answer the questions at the back of the chapter and take the chapter test,” lesson often produced.


I hope this has helped you think about another possibility for making your homeschool experience all it should be.  Please leave any questions or comments below, and if you have suggestions, be sure to share them!




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