There are many sizes of whiteboards.  I enjoyed the freedom of small ones for individual kids and a large wall mounted board for group lessons.  I often found it easier to use the large one.  With 10 wigglers, if I wanted everyone to be able to view the lesson at once, a large was needed.

Large Size

I will start with the large ones.  These are handy for showing math concepts, word walls, science concepts, and naturally, writing lists and spelling words.  One of my favorite big board activities in a sentence expansion lesson that involves all ages and lots of loud fun! There are limitless possibilities.  This one is 4′ X 3′ and is fairly light at 17.4 pounds, so it shouldn’t be a problem installing.  The price at $48.99 is terrific for what you get.  Though there are bigger boards, the price jumps quickly, and the quality of this one is wonderful.4 X 3 whiteboard


  • everyone can easily see
  • room for more than just the daily lesson
  • magnetic so messages/notes can be attached
  • tray has stoppers so pens don’t slide off
  • resists scratches
  • no ghosting


  • can be a bit heavier
  • may require two or three people to install
  • takes up more room on the wall
  • a bit more expensive, though this one is a bargain



Medium Size



This whiteboard is a very nice size for a smaller space, and reasonably priced as well.  I like the magnetic aspect, which is handy for adding notes and papers you may want the kids to pay particular attention to.  This board cleans up well and there is no ghosting of letters, even after leaving the words up for several days.  Though it is a medium size, I thought it would be much smaller than it is.  When I put it on the wall, it was plenty large enough!



Small Size


11X14 whiteboard

Though these small whiteboards are nice, they can get too small.  It just depends on what you want it for.  I used mine for quick math problems because my kiddos enjoyed mixing things up.  They got tired of pencil and paper or workbooks.

This board is 11″ X 14″ so it’s not the smallest.  I have had some as small as 6 1/2″ X 8 1/2″ and they were just too small for what I wanted.

There are less expensive small boards, but the quality was not very good.  For this size of a board, I found this one to be superior.


  • mobile
  • can fit inside a regular computer bag
  • fun for the kids
  • handy light-weight canvas carrying bag
  • big enough for more advanced math problems or more words


  • the magnets on the back really weren’t strong enough to keep them in place, especially if you attach anything to the board
  • may need to attach velcro on the back to hold it to the fridge

As with most whiteboards, they perform better if you use the cleaner.  I have had my kiddos accidentally uses a permanent marker rather than a dry-erase marker.  I have found that the easiest way to get rid of the permanent marker is to write over it with a dry-erase marker.  It seemed to work for me.

There are many accessories you can purchase but most importantly, you will need dry-erase markers, an eraser, and whiteboard cleaner.  I purchased some colored magnets at the local office supply store.  Though they looked nicer, they didn’t hold as well as the plain round magnets.

I hope this has been a helpful review of whiteboards.  If you are interested in purchasing a whiteboard or whiteboard accessories, just click on one of the pictures below.  I will receive a small commission on anything sold through my site to help with costs.  This does not increase your purchase amount.

If you have any comments you would like to add, or products you want to have me review, please leave a note below.


whiteboard11X14 whiteboard4 X 3 whiteboard



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