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5950310270_6281a38075_oKids summer journals are a must.  When writing is taken out of the context of school work and brought into everyday life, it becomes a friend instead of an assignment.  Lifelong learning should be the goal, and a love for writing is a giant step in that direction!

A summer journal might be more casual.  As your young writers progress in their writing skills, they will realize that writing doesn’t need to be a structured chore.  You will begin to see their writing develop into more of a conversation.

When that happens, it’s time for congratulations.  You have overcome one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to getting your kids to write.  They have become familiar enough with the process that they are comfortable. 15072194361_1736424eed

Summertime is often filled with activities, so a journal topic isn’t difficult to find.  However, I have included a list of wonderful prompts to get creative juices flowing.  You can take these just as they are, or adjust them to suit your needs.  Use them in order or grab the ones you like and mix them up.

Writing Prompts

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  • What’s the most important thing you would like to do this summer?
  • Summertime is great for the outdoors. Go for a walk.  Write a sentence about the walk you went on.
  • What is your favorite thing to do when you play outdoors in the summer?
  • What is your favorite thing to do when you play inside? Why do you play inside in the summertime?
  • If you could go on a summer vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • 24-free-butterfly-clip-art-lTell about an animal you would like to have for a pet.
  • What is the funniest thing that you have ever seen?
  • Tell about your most favorite book.
  • Tell about your favorite holiday. Explain why it is your favorite.
  • Tell about your favorite camping trip. Why was it your favorite?
  • Write a poem about what you think next school year will be like.
  • What is something you love about yourself and why?
  • If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be and why?
  • Make a list of the things you are most thankful for in your life.
  • Which season do you like the most?? Why??3-free-butterfly-clip-art-l
  • Which season do you like the least, why????
  • You just won $1,000,000. What are you going to do first?
  • Tell about your favorite song.  What do you think about when you hear that song?
  • Tell about your favorite sport.
  • You found a magic wand! What would you do with it?
  • Tell about your favorite food and why it is so good.
  • If a cat or dog could talk, what would they say?

Have fun with your summer writing.  As long as you follow the writing step, model writing with your kids, and keep it fun, your kids will blossom into beautiful writing geniuses!

If you have any fantastic journal prompts that your kids love, or any suggestions/input about this blog, be sure to add those below, and don’t forget your email.




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4 Replies to “Summer Journal Prompts”

  1. These are great journaling ideas for summer! As a teacher, I look for ways to keep my own boys academically challenged when school is out. Keep in mind that writing will not come easy for every child. You could give some ideas that might include those that don’t like to write with pencil and paper or ideas for younger children still learning their letters. Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Thanks for your suggestions. If you poke around on the website, you will find that I have several ideas for hesitant writers. I should add a page for prewriters, but I firmly believe that all kiddos should write. My goal as a parent and teacher was and still is, to get kids to become comfortable with writing and the writing process.

  2. Hi, your idea to write a summer journal is great. And I completely agree that it could make writing more friend than assignment. Besides completed summer journal would serve as a book of memories which would be interesting to read later. I have some writing prompts to share – what skills you would like to develop during this summer holidays?, when your mom/ dad was the same age as you what do you think was her/his favorite outdoor/ indoor game?, if today you could speak any other language, which language you would speak? to whom you would talk to?

    1. Vilma,

      Thanks for the journal prompts! I had my kids put date on the fronts for their journals as well as at the top of each journal entry. Then they could use the inside cover as an index of sorts to look up info. Then they could look at them later. They make great memory books!

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